Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Session Three: Taking Valkenheiser Manor

After their lengthy walk back to Hawksmith, the adventurers returned the surviving members of the research teams to their grateful families and friends, and turned their attention to Turnbull... and the reward he'd offered.  Upon hearing their stories, Turnbull paid them their promised reward.  Lander, the ever-opportunistic charlatan, offered up their services for an extended period of time in case they were needed for the next few days.  Turnbull begrudgingly was convinced of their usefulness and agreed to pay them an additional fund for "extended services".

Relaxing in the Tipsy Tankard, Jinvar bought a round of drinks for everyone in the tavern and made sure to tell them it was "on Turnbull's dime".  The townsfolk, very familiar with Turnbull's tightfisted ways with money, didn't necessarily believe Jinvar, but they did enjoy the drinks...

The next day, the group brought their cache of goblin ears to the local town reeve, a dwarf named Gunder Valkenheiser. After paying them the bounty for each pair of ears, Valkenheiser told them to stick around, and that he might have a job for them in the next day or two.