Monday, July 24, 2017

Session Four: Betrayal Among the Dead

With the jerry-rigged barricade removed the entrance to the black tunnel beyond stood wide and gaping. The heroes and the group of bandits prepared to enter it but the wounded man protested that he couldn't make it and his friend refused to leave his side.  The adventurers were firm: everyone goes into the tunnel, no exceptions. After some negotiations and persuasion, the injured bandit decided to go: it was better to go out fighting to get away than to die starving and trapped in the cellar.  Reluctantly, the bandit's friend helped him limp into the tunnel with the others they descended into the ancient cave beneath the earth...

The tunnel twisted and turned as it wound its way toward what the group hoped would be an exit, and they fought scattered groups of shambling zombies here and there along the way.  After following the tunnel for some time, it suddenly widened and they found themselves in a very ancient tomb.  Caskets and sarcophagi were tucked into niches on the walls, and around the room some stone caskets sat on raised platforms.  Beyond these was a strange, chilling sight: on a throne made from stacked coffins sat an emaciated, rotten corpse dressed in ancient rogues' armor.  As the nine people entered the ancient tomb, there was a hideous creaking sound as the corpse's head rose from its chest and cold embers peered from its eye sockets at them.  The creature - an ancient wight - laughed horribly and stood, and as it raised its hands several sarcophagi broke open to reveal armored skeletons as they crawled forth and raised their weapons.  Wordlessly, the attack began.

The fight was pitched and feverish, with the heroes and bandits working together to defeat the undead.  The wight never spoke a word... until Lander the warlock attacked it.  Fixing the half-elf in his glare, the wight pointed his finger at him and said "You... I know you boy, oh yes. Your master has such plans for you!"